MiDAS Driver Training

Do you work for a non-profit organisation and need to operate a minibus? Well, you will need to undergo MiDAS driver training, which we provide at MSM Training. We are an experienced driver training school in Dorset, Hampshire and Southampton. Our mission is to get you that all-important pass, so to get started, give us a call on 0800 047 6921.

First Class MiDAS Driver Training Course

So, what is MiDAS and why will you need it? The term stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, and it is a nationally recognised standard for the testing and training of minibus drivers. The course is necessary for drivers who work for non-profit organisations, such as schools and youth centres. We are a MiDAS driver training provider that will cater the course to your requirements.

Our main aim is to get you qualified at a pace that suits you. Our excellent instructors will take you through a theory training session and assessment in the morning of test day. In the afternoon, you will undergo further assessments and a practical. If you come to us for MiDAS driver training, you will get top quality teaching by our knowledgeable instructors.

The size of MSM Training means that we can take on up to eight candidates per day on our MiDAS driver training course. So, you will not have to worry about waiting a long time for a slot. Once you have passed, you will be certified for four years and will later require a refresher course to keep the qualification.

As mentioned, those of you working for non-profit organisations will need to be certified. We are a MiDAS driver training provider that works to the highest standard. So, to book your place on the course today, give us a call on 0800 047 6921.

MiDAS Driver Training

What Else Do We Offer?

MiDAS driver training is just one of the many courses that we provide at MSM Training. We have a fleet of instructors who are highly qualified to get you that all-important pass. We offer the following:

Why Choose Us As Your MiDAS Training Provider?

If you are looking for a MiDAS driver training course, then it is essential that you choose instructors that have a good reputation. At MSM Training, we are one of the biggest training schools in the Dorset and Hampshire area. All of our instructors are backed by DVSA, and we welcome drivers from profit, as well as non-profit organisations.

Our MiDAS driver training is carried out by a provider that has more than 30 years of experience in commercial driver training. Not only do you receive top class teaching, but we also have a centre that boasts offices, classrooms and kitchens – the only one in Dorset that does. On top of that, at our Wimborne base, we have an area especially for reversing and other manoeuvres.

Depending on the course that you sign up for, you can be guaranteed that we will provide all of the paperwork. If it is a provisional licence application, then we have the packs for you. In addition, we teach theory for lorry and bus tests. You will struggle to find another school that excels in MiDAS driver training.

If you are not already convinced that MSM Training is the school for you to undergo MiDAS driver training at, then have a scroll through our hall of fame page. We have many happy clients who have achieved a wide range of qualifications, and you could add yourself to that list.

MiDAS Driving Courses


For those of you looking for MiDAS driver training, then MSM Training is the provider that you need. We have friendly and professional instructors, who are determined to get you qualified. To get the process started, give us a call on our Freephone number 0800 047 6921. Alternatively, you can call 01202 826 288 or contact us by filling out our online form.


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