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    How long does it take to upgrade my licence?

    “It can take up to 6 weeks for the DVLA to process your provisional licence application, this is an ideal time to book in for theory training, (you don’t need your provisional for this), so that once your licence returns you are fully prepared to sit the theory tests.”

    If I have my provisional how long will it take to upgrade my licence?

    “Once you are prepared to sit the theory tests we can upgrade your licence in as little 2 weeks, week one theory tests, week 2 driver training and Driver CPC training and tests”.

    If I have my provisional and have passed my theory test how long will it take to upgrade my licence?

    “As little as 3-5 days, including gaining your Driver CPC if required”.

    What is Driver CPC?

    “This is the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. All drivers that drive for a living, (hire and reward), need the Driver CPC as well as the upgraded drivers licence”.

    What does MAM mean?

    “MAM means the Maximum authorised Mass of a vehicle”.

    How do I find out the weight of my vehicle?

    “To find the weight of the vehicle there is a Vi (vehicle inspectorate) plate, which tells the MAM (maximum autorised mass) of the vehicle, this is either under the bonnet or in the driver or passengers door well”.

    I am an experienced, confident driver in my chosen course. Are there shorter courses available?

    “Yes. If you have experience and are confident you can pass the category in a shorter space of time we can do this for you but would request your book for an hours assessment drive first. At the end of the assessment your Instructor will give you an honest opinion of how long we believe it will take you to achieve a first time pass, and if you agree we can then book your shorter course”.

    Can I use my own vehicle for training?

    “Yes of course. If you feel happier to train in your own vehicle then we can adapt to your needs. We have all of our own vehicles to train in each category but if you would prefer to train in your own and use this vehicle for test then that is fine. The vehicle will need to meet the MTV, (Minimum Test Vehicle), requirements and be insured for driver training and test”.

    Who can train to be a HGV or PCV driver?

    “Anyone can! As long as you hold a Full UK driving licence and are over 18 years old you can a lorry or bus/coach driver today”.

    Where will I train?

    “Our training centre based in Mannington, Wimborne Dorset, facilities include on-site parking, office, classrooms, kitchen, toilets and more. If you are upgrading your driving licence we will teach you how to pass all theory tests, or if furthering your qualifications we also provide Driver CPC, periodic training and ADR in our classrooms at Mannington. Whilst we do most of our driver training on the roads in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas we also have our own private reversing/manoeuvring area at our training centre”.

    What does ADR stand for?

    “ADR stands for Accord Dangereux Routier (The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). We train for all classes, (including the more specialize explosives and radio-actives)”.

    Where are you based?

    “Our Yard, Classrooms and Offices are situated at Jubilee Farm, Burts Lane, Mannington, Wimborne, BH21 7JX”.

    How to contact us?

    “To speak to one of our qualified instructors call Freephone from a landline or mobile :- 0800 047 6921 or”

    Email :-  info@msmtraining.co.uk

    Where can I get a provisional licence form to apply for any category in HGV/LGV/PCV or PSV?

    “You will need DVLA forms D2 and D4, only some post offices provide this but you can order from the DVLA online here https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms“.

    Who will book my theory tests?

    “We will book these for you or you can choose to book your theory yourself, either way we will not charge a booking fee for this service. It will cost you the same if you book your theory tests or if we book them for you”.