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Are you looking to get into the logistics business? Do you want to try your hand at a career in high-load transportation? Call MSM Training Limited today on 01202 826288, and enquire about our training programs. We offer comprehensive training at very competitive prices.

First Choice for Southampton HGV Training

At MSM Training Limited, we provide first-class training with our team of DVSA qualified instructors. Our training courses are available for members of the public looking to gain access to the transportation industry or companies looking to give their staff the skills to progress with logistics.

The HGV training Southampton programs consist of theoretical knowledge and practical training, which will dynamically transfer you from the comfort of the classroom into the driving seat of the cabin. Our HGV course options include: HGV Training Southampton

  • C1 7.5 Tonne HGV
  • C1E 7.5 Tonne HGV with Trailer
  • Full Category C – Rigid HGV
  • Category CE – Articulated HGV, Rigid and Drawbar Trailer

All of our courses require the applicants to be over the age of 18 and hold a Full UK category B driving licence as a minimum. Some courses have other requirements to begin HGV training, Southampton.

Category C1 – 7.5 Tonne HGV

Misleadingly categorised as an HGV licence, the vehicles this licence entitles you to drive are medium-sized goods vehicles up to a MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) of seven and a half metric tonnes, or 7,500 kilograms. This is the HGV training Southampton qualification required to become qualified for ambulances and various horseboxes.

Although this licence does entitle you to have a trailer, the maximum mass of the trailer will be limited to 750kg. The 750kg includes the weight of the trailer, unladen, and the mass of the contents of the trailer. This total must not exceed 750kg; otherwise it will be illegal to transport it under the C1 Licence.

MSM Training Limited can help you to obtain this licence in as little as two days, and our friendly instructors will tailor their training style to your learning ability. There are provisional requirements that need to be completed before engaging in this training course, and our team can help in the acquisition and completion of your D2 and D4 forms. The other requirements are a medical examination to ensure you’re fit to begin the training and a two-part theory exam.

Category C1E – 7.5 Tonne and Trailer

In just three days with our HGV training Southampton you can gain this entitlement. Although a C1 licence allows you to use a trailer, it is limited to ¾ of a tonne. With this licence, there is no trailer mass limit. The only limitation of this licence is the MAM, which is 12 metric tonnes or 12,000 kilograms. The same pre-training requirements as the C1 licence are required before HGV training in Southampton commences.

Category C – Rigid HGV

Upon completion of the full Category C licence, you’ll also automatically qualify for the C1 licence as well. Effectively you’ll receive two qualifications for the price of one comprehensive course in HGV training Southampton. This is an entry-level HGV licence, allowing the usage of ‘heavy’ goods vehicles with no upper weight limit. Typically, you can expect a functional mass of 18 metric tonnes, or 18,000 kilograms, when transporting vehicles of this nature.

This HGV training in Southampton is recommended to be supplemented with HIAB and forklift training programmes. Having these three skills will make you very desirable to any business utilising heavy goods transport.

Category CE – Articulated HGV, Rigid and Drawbar Trailer

This is the best HGV training Southampton has to offer. With one road test, you can qualify for five different categories! This gives you access to articulated HGV driving, as well as trailer entitlements for all categories of licence you already hold, such as:

HGV Training Southampton

  • Car with Trailer
  • 5 Tonne with Trailer
  • Minibus with Trailer
  • Bus and Coach with Trailer
  • Rigid HGV with Trailer

To begin this training course, you must first hold a full C category licence showing that you’ve passed Rigid HGV training and tests.

Southampton HGV Training – Why Us

As one of the largest training providers in the southwest, our instructors have benefited from many successful training exercises over the years. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and can provide bespoke training programmes that suit you. MSM Training Limited understand that everyone learns at different rates and respond to different methods of training better than others.

At MSM Training Limited, we are an accredited training centre for both RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) and ALLMI (Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers).

All of our instructors undergo periodic RTITB accredited Master Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training. Every member of our team that tutors students are endorsed by the DVSA and accredited under the National Register of LGV Instructors. With over 30 years’ experience in commercial driver training, we are uniquely qualified to deliver outstanding HGV training in Southampton.

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