Class 1 Driver Training

Are you a qualified Category C1 lorry driver looking to take your career up a notch? Now you can with our class 1 driver training. Instead of being limited to driving 3.5 tonne to 7.5 tonne trucks, you could be driving the largest lorries across the world – how does that sound for an amazing career?! Give us a call today on 01202 826288 to book yourself onto the course.

Introducing our class 1 driver training

You’ve done all the hard work – passing the medical, taking the theory test and the all-important practical exam and CPC for your category C licence. Now begin your journey into bigger and better possibilities. With our class 1 driver training, you could be legally driving the heaviest vehicles in the UK after just 5 days of tuition and 1 examination. The possibilities that arise when you choose to invest in class 1 driver training include:

  • Travelling to more destinations
  • Being able to pick and choose jobs to fit in with your schedule
  • Transfer your skills to any vehicles that require a trailer
  • Higher salary – up to 25% more than driving just category C vehicles
  • Open yourself up to more job possibilities
  • Become the one of the most confident drivers on the road
HGV and LGV Training Courses across Dorset and Hampshire

What happens when you choose us for your class 1 driver training?

When you contact us regarding our class 1 driver training course, a helpful member of staff will be on hand to make sure you hold all the relevant licences to take part in the course. They’ll be able to advise you on the dates that we have available and book you on the course dates that are convenient to you.

On the first day, our DVSA qualified instructor can assess your current skills and work out what you need to work on to become a competent class 1 driver. They should be able to tell you how many days of lessons you’ll need before you’ll be ready for your test- most people benefit from 3-5 days of intensive training. They’ll also be able to work out the best teaching methods for you so you can learn effectively throughout the course.

We will leave no stone unturned throughout the duration of you class 1 driver training course, ensuring that you’re well practised on every element that will come up in your test. We’ll make sure that you’re completely confident in the following elements before we tell you to take your test, so your likelihood of passing is at its highest.

  • Vehicle safety
  • Reading the road and anticipation
  • Use of the controls in an articulated lorry
  • Awareness and planning
  • Reversing
  • Coupling and un-coupling the trailer
  • Trailer safety
  • De-briefs

Once you’re competent with all the above elements and you’ve passed your test, you’ll be automatically entitled to drive all types of vehicles including:

  • Light and heavy lorries
  • Any vehicle with a trailer
  • Buses and coaches

All in all, you’ll essentially benefit from gaining 5 licences in 1 test, making the cost of carrying out a class 1 driving training course well worth the money.

Why should you choose MSM Training Ltd for your class 1 driving course?

At MSM Training Ltd, our class 1 driving courses are carried out by DVSA qualified instructors who have proven to us their ability to teach our clients effectively. We invest in the continued training of our instructors so they can provide the very best tuition – this can include courses that advise on how to teach any new elements that may be added to the course.

All of our qualified instructors offer one-to-one intensive courses, which means they can really get to know you and offer you all the help and tuition you need.

Over the years we have expanded as a company to offer prospective vehicle drivers a huge range of options. During this time period, we have developed a huge library of knowledge and expertise which we can pass on to our future graduates.

We want to ensure that our class 1 driver training is available to everyone, which is why we have teamed up with many haulage and bus driver companies to offer people the possibility of gaining their c+e licence with no cost to them. So long as you’ve had a successful interview, they will pay for you to receive the training. This may also be the case if you want to advance through the company ranks.

HGV and LGV Driver Training Courses in Dorset

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